Wanderers in a trackless forest, seekers after things hidden, patient explorers of unfathomed depths. Hunter stands at the crossing of the ways, the jumping-off point, the axis upon which worlds of music turn. Here is the potential to express all that the human heart can understand: the swooping joy of swallows in flight, the frigid gloom of a winter fog, the vast revelation hidden in the pattern of the evening sun through the trees. Few penetrate so deep into the wild, but those who do have by far the best stories to tell – and the members of Hunter are gifted storytellers all.

After an epic 3-day recording session and a sensational debut concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City, Hunter has gone underground to finish up its debut album, to be released in fall 2017, and is now booking dates for the album release tour in January 2018. Stay tuned . . .

Philip Yaeger: Trombone, Composition
Martin Eberle: Trumpet
Andreas Broger: Saxophone, Clarinet
David Cinquegrana: Guitar
Nathan Peck: Bass
Yonadav Halevy: Drums