What am I up to? Well . . .I recently finished a long-form piece called Petit mal for the Jazzorchester Vorarlberg, a collaboration with the writer Carolyn Amann. Things being what they are, the premiere has been cancelled but we’re working on a replacement date.

Also coming up for the Jazzorchester: A program featuring Orges Toce, arranged by yours truly. I once described him as the Albanian Tom Waits, and I’m sticking to it. Dates coming up this summer, with any luck.

Literarily, I’m currently copy editor for the English edition of a series of action novels based in Austria, the Tom Wagner Adventures. It’s kind of an Indiana Jones/James Bond-type thing, with a dose of Viennese humor. Other projects are in the works…

I spend a lot of time these days doing work for the IG Freie Musikschaffende, an advocacy group for freelance musicians in Austria. We offer advice, write papers, give interviews, talk to the government, etc. to better the working conditions for our people.