Interesting times. You can see me in plain clothes (shh) at the café known as Spear (Neubaugasse 15) a couple evenings a week. You can see me in the neighborhood. You can see me in the far reaches of Austria and beyond. I’m going to be Out West a bit (Switzerland, Vorarlberg, Tirol) and Back East as well (Kirchstetten, Krems). Take a look at the Live page. If you’re in one of those neighborhoods you know I’d love to see you.

On the first of October I’m flying back to the motherland for two weeks and good Lord am I ready for a break. I’ll be in NYC for a couple days and then continuing on up to Maine. After my return I’ll be moving to a more permanent residence and also trying a new district out: the 10th, Favoriten. At which many might say: OMG the ‘hood! To which I say: you’ve probably never been to Paterson, NJ. Also, the new spot is on a quiet side street a block away from a nice little park, so settle down.


BTW, did you know my album Hunter is available for download and streaming? Check it out at Bandcamp; you can also order the CD from JazzWerkstatt Records if physical objects are more your thing.