Language services

I have been providing language services since 2004 and offer:

  • Text composition (English/Deutsch) for all purposes
  • Translation (English<>Deutsch)
  • Editing / proofreading
  • Language coaching
  • Voiceovers, dramatic and otherwise

My experience? Well . . .

  • Translated and/or edited countless academic papers as translator and proofreader for the Institute of Jazz Studies of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria since 2007. Translator of Rudolf Buchbinder’s The Last Waltz (2020: Amalthea Verlag);
  • Composed, translated and edited liner notes, press releases and other materials for more musicians, festivals, organizations and labels than I can remember;
  • Worked on projects both mundane (advertising copy, website localization) and esoteric (opera libretto);
  • Worked as a voiceover artist (for instance, the English voice of the Spiegel Online series “Trump vs. Reality”);
  • Served as language coach for the pianist Pierre Laurent-Aimard as well as actors, singers, and lyricists

Translation, in particular, is a tricky business: just because it’s correct doesn’t mean it’s right. The most exact translation is rarely the one that best communicates the sense and feeling of a text. And that, in the end, is the point: to elegantly and faithfully communicate meaning.

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